Rocket Scientist on the Physics of Putting Love in Chocolate

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Steve Adler and Alix Valentine's Day approaches and, of course, you need to get some sweets for your Sweet. Chocolate comes to mind, but you've been there, done that. You need something really special this year. Maybe the piece de resistance is some chocolate made with Love-- ahem-- "God particles," known to physicists as Higgs-Boson particles.

Think it's a joke or a marketing gimmick?

The Willie Wonka of raw chocolate isn't joking, and he explained it all to me in an interview for Natural News TV. Steve Adler is a rocket scientist with degrees from Stanford University. Before founding his chocolate company, Sacred Chocolate, he designed the Space Station propulsion modules while working at McDonnell-Douglas. Today he's an ordained minister.

His epiphany came when he was early on his spiritual path, and learned that "you don't need to know in order to love. It hit me like a ton of bricks," he said,  "because I was trying to know more in order to love better." He realized he had it backward.

Video: Brain Re-training Shown to Reverse ADHD in 12 Weeks

Dr. Robert Melillo, known for reversing brain disorders in children, opened his practitioner training workshop with the following: "Who wants to be learning disabled for an hour?" It was going to be an experiential day.

I observed his graduate-level seminar on healing children with learning disabilities. A dozen eager health practitioners approached a table scattered with Learning Disability Simulation Training packets - exercises designed by Dr. Robert Melillo to frustrate attendees in the same way learning disabled children are frustrated on a daily basis. It contained paragraphs with line-jumps and words that mixed up letters p, q, d, and b. One exercise instructed participants to copy the mirror image of a picture while wearing a gardening glove. Another illustrated the vast difference between vocabulary and reading comprehension.

After my short intro to Melillo's course, which mainly involves instruction in an extensive battery of neurological tests and treatments, I was able to interview him on camera.

Melillo, a chiropractic neurologist and clinician, is co-founder of the Brain Balance Achievement Centers, which currently operate in more than 50 locations. They are now expanding into Northern California while Melillo is quickly gaining a reputation for rapidly reversing the most challenging developmental disorders: autism, ADHD, Asperger's, dyslexia, PDD-NOS, and more.

Earthing: The Overlooked Electroceutical

Last summer, my friend Kim Kooyers sent me a link to The Earthing Institute, an organization espousing the idea that we receive a basic and profound health benefit by being in contact with the ground. I thought it made sense. It's true that we've been insulated from the earth's energy since switching to rubber footwear in the 1960s.

If anyone had told me then that a couple months of Earthing would diminish my 14-year-long headache, make me think clearer, increase my energy, and restore my sleep after 8 years of relentless insomnia, I would have been hugely skeptical. All these things have actually happened since I began Earthing. Aside from going gluten-free in 1999, nothing else has boosted my health so dramatically and rapidly.

However, I'm a data pervert and compulsive researcher, so I know I'm just an anecdote and would never write a blog post based only on my personal experience. My readers know me better than that!

I learned about some of the research supporting Earthing's health benefits when I and 999 other attendees at the David Wolfe Longevity Now Conference got Earthed in a hotel basement via conductive wrist bands. That was the first day my 14-year headache felt a bit better. Probably a placebo effect, I thought. That night, I slept with the earthing band around my foot in the K1 acupuncture spot. I slept better than normal, especially for being in a hotel.

New San Jose Whole Foods Emphasizes Clean Energy & Nutrition Literacy

By Guest Blogger, Kim Kooyers

In advance of today's grand opening, Alix and I toured the new 50,000 square foot Whole Foods in San Jose. Already devout Whole Foods shoppers, we weren’t surprised by the wide array of gourmet, organic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and locally grown offerings. But the on-site fuel cell—generating 90 percent of the store’s electricity needs—THAT was impressive.

The first store on the west coast powered by the UTC Power fuel cell system and one of only three in the nation, the onsite energy efficient system will prevent the release of more than 370 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually—the equivalent of planting 85 acres of trees. And, the reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions are equal to taking 92 cars off the road.

Daniel Vitalis on Over-Domestication: Broccoli, Chihuahas & Aliens, Oh My!

I expected David Wolfe's Longevity Now Conference to deliver some tips for how to live better and longer. I attended the conference not as a video journalist, but as a guest wanting to bliss out with my foodie/nutrition brethren. Well, I'd packed my video camera... just in case I got inspired.

That inspiration came when wild food guru Daniel Vitalis stepped on stage to talk about Indigenous Nutrition. My ears pricked up right away. At a decidedly raw foods event, the neatly pony-tailed Vitalis started his presentation with a reference to Weston A. Price, the 1930s dentist who set off around the world to study the teeth and health of isolated indigenous peoples. Price's work points strongly to the need for animal foods in the diet. If an animal foods guy could be invited to give a talk to 1,000 raw foodies - none of whom appeared ready to throw rotten tomatoes at him - I wanted to hear it.

And, besides, Vitalis looked so interesting. The thirty-something visionary gathers 70% of his food from the wild, and appeared to wear a wetsuit top under his shirtsleeves. The solid blue tattoos on his arms are a practice to reflect the way he lives - as close to indigenous as a modern man can. "I didn't want anything representational," he told me later.

Alix Interviews Longevity Guru David "Avocado" Wolfe

Last month I was a virgin. A David Wolfe Longevity Now Conference virgin, that is. I'd noticed Wolfe's energy and conviction in the film Food Matters, knew some of his work, and knew we both loved avocados, but I have to say I really didn't "get" it yet.

That changed as I sat with 999 other health enthusiasts in a California hotel ballroom, taking in the barefoot health guru as he jutted across the stage sharing diamonds - health insights obviously gleaned from hours (possibly eons) of research. His commanding and fun stage presence could keep a narcoleptic awake. Even if Wolfe's engaging style weren't enough, alertness paid off:  flying superherbs or superfoods could bonk you in the head at any time.

Wolfe is all about the extraordinary: superfoods, superherbs, and reversing the diseases medical doctors consider irreversible. He's not interested in being politically correct or adhering to any standard of care. FDA be damned: The Longevity Now Conference walked the cutting edge of health, healing, and longevity. I walked away with the urge to investigate at least ten new healthy practices or products that I'd never heard of before.

If you couldn't make it, I sat down with David Wolfe and asked him to give us the take-aways. Of course, the interview is as fun as he is, and it has a "happy ending" as our camerawoman steps forward with an admission:

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Hope for Infertility: Living a Fertile Life

With one in six couples facing infertility today, I have some encouraging news about using mind-body techniques to cultivate fertility.

Fertility Coach Elisabeth Manning helps couples overcome fertility challenges by broadening the question around conception. She moves the issue from "Why can't I get pregnant?" to “What if a fertile way of living and being could actually increase my chance for conception?"

I had lots of questions for Elisabeth: What are the common blocks to achieving fertility? What are common life stressors? How can one regain control of the process? What chakras are typically associated with infertility? What is divine timing? Elisabeth answers these questions and more in my interview with her:

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Find more information on Elisabeth Manning’s work at her website: . She was recently featured in Om Times.

Join Me, Jenny McCarthy, The Ryder Foundation & Generation Rescue in SF

Published at Age of Autism:

Join Jenny McCarthy At Comedy for Kids Benefit for Ryder Foundation

Jenny Headshot 2010
By Alix, editor of MedNauseam Blog

Two moms in Northern California are on a roll. Jenny DeMaria and Maureen Block, co-directors of the Ryder Foundation , once had children diagnosed with autism. The boys are now socially indistinguishable from their peers.

Block says both school-aged boys still have “educational challenges, but they have been recovered.” The rapid changes both mothers saw in their boys after trying a gluten-free diet motivated them to try different diet and biomedical interventions. And, the myriad interventions all add up. Block says, “Treating autism is like trying to get a train back on its tracks. It’s gone off-track and you need to get each train car, one at a time, back on the track.” 

DeMaria’s son was diagnosed as moderately autistic. Now he would be classified as having mild Asperger’s. “Ryder's challenges are now barely noticeable to an outsider,” De Maria said. "There were days I thought my child would never be able to dress himself or brush his teeth or sing a song or make a friend. Now he is the happiest, friendliest, most vociferous child I know. He keeps astounding us with his progress." 

Alkalinity: Advanced Concepts with Dr. Mohsen

Lemons and greens. Daily juicing. Does this sound familiar to those of you trying to make your body more alkaline? There are huge health benefits to maintaining an alkaline pH, not the least of which is cancer prevention. I thought I knew a lot about following an alkaline diet... until I met Dr. Mohsen.

Dr. Mohsen, a kindly and spry health educator, is an architect and natural health researcher. He calls himself a Solagritect - a term that combines solar power, agriculture, and architecture. We can't imagine building a home without a kitchen; he can't imagine one without a greenhouse.

I attended his workshop last weekend and was introduced obliquely to the weekend's topic when Elisabeth, the workshop organizer, offered me some apples and plums:

"They were just picked; fresh off a tree," she said.

For me, this was a cryptic introduction. I knew that fresh fruit was good and that extremely fresh fruit was probably better. How much better? Dr. Mohsen says plants lose their vitality thirty minutes after they are picked. This might not mean much to you right now, but read on. According to him, the missing link in the modern diet is this: we cannot maximize our cells' alkalinity if we don't eat just-picked produce. This is the missing link that even the most health-conscious of us are unlikely to bridge with diet alone.

Host Theory

Dr. Mohsen's teachings hinge on Host Theory, not Germ Theory. Isn't it funny that modern medicine bases the treatment of all pathogens on something we still refer to as a theory? Medical standard of care is based on our theories about germs more than 100 years after Pasteur's death.

Cell Phone Studies Seriously Flawed; Heavy Chatting Causes Brain Cancer

InterPhone, a large World Health Organization cell phone study, concludes that using a cell phone for 30 minutes a day for ten years increases the risk of brain cancer by 40%.

However, if the data were re-analyzed to correct serious flaws, the risk is actually much higher. More hours of cell phone use, more years of use, and the younger the age of first use are all correlated with increased risks of brain cancer.

Serious flaws in published cell phone-brain cancer studies include:
  • Not including people who have died of brain cancer, thus reducing the actual number of reported users with brain cancer
  • Not counting home cordless phone use toward total radiation exposure, thus under-reporting the "control" group's baseline exposure
  • Not reporting acoustic neuroma brain cancers in the studies' results, the cancer that occurs nearest the ear
These and other flaws should lead to the study's dismissal instead of reverence of its results. The flaws are so egregious that the manipulated results actually show a confounding "protective" effect for brain cancer at certain levels of use!

Protect yourself from cell phone radiation and home cordless phone radiation by using a wired headset, as recommended by the President's Cancer Panel in their recent ground-breaking report.