Tracking Down CA First Lady Maria Shriver to Stop the Apple Moth Spray

Today I posted a piece that might interest you about the light brown apple moth spraying controversy and an incredible set of activist moms at Silicon Valley Moms Blog (here), a nationally syndicated blog I also write for. After doing research for the post, I feel more strongly than ever that the Bay Area spray must not occur.
Here are some resources:
Stop the Spray
Vegan Reader
LBAM Spray

Here I am handing LBAM Stop the Spray literature to Maria Shriver.

Tonight, I attended her private book signing for Just Who Will You Be?, her new book about her adjustment to being the First Lady of California. Maria was asked to leave her news anchor job after Arnie became Governor of California. I hope she has some good "pillow talk" time with Arnie about stopping the spray.

And, thanks to Plain Jane Mom, I can post a video of my question to Maria. Per Wikipedia, in February 2004, Shriver was told by NBC she was to be "relieved of [her] duties at NBC News," citing the conflict of interest between her role as a journalist and her status as the First Lady of California and her increasing role as an advocate of her husband's administration. This is the basis of her new book - how to redefine who she is, not what she is. (With advice for how we can do that, too.) So, I tried to step into her shoes for a minute and decided I just had to ask if she had any vindictive fantasies of running for President to imagine her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger getting a call to resign from his job as Governor of California. I was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News article about the Silicon Valley Mom Bloggers visit with Maria.

Here is a video of the question and her great response:

Maria Shriver Book Signing from Erika Jurney on Vimeo


Alix said...

Well my group question to Maria made the San Jose Merc today.

Then there was the tongue-in-cheek. "Do you have any vindictive fantasies of running for president?" asked Alix, 41, a Palo Alto mother of twins. Shriver quickly retorted, "It probably swung through like a crawl on my head . . . I should run for president because after all everybody in my family has done that so what's wrong with me. I've worked quite hard to let that go."

jpdmom said...

So nice meeting you yesterday - and WOW you have a great blog. Congrats on the mention in the SJ Merc news - see ya at BlogHer!

Jamie R Lentzner

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