Med Nauseam Places #1 in General Medicine Blogs and #13 Overall!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for voting Med Nauseam the #1 blog in WellSphere's General Medicine Community!

Even more than winning this competition, I was completely uplifted, flattered, and humbled by the comments you left. It's not always popular to explore what I consider to be our collective blind spots in health and medicine.

After thousands of hours of research, the scientist in me understands that natural medicine should always be our first line of defense in preventing and treating acquired illness. I've also come to believe that we have a cult-like bias in favor of pharmaceuticals, even when the evidence is not there.

I pull at threads that unravel supposedly immutable medical truths - from decades-old health assumptions to cutting-edge medical ideas - that may be in direct contradiction to what our doctors are telling us. It is not without trepidation that I write about uncomfortable, impolitic, unconventional, or inconvenient health ideas, but I always back them up with research hoping that I will get you to consider an issue from a new angle, even if you don't end up agreeing with my conclusions. (And that's fine, just keep it civil and don't flag my blog!)

That said, I had no idea this is what you all thought of my blog! I'm having a hard time editing the comments down, so indulge me if you'd like. Here are some of my favorites:

"Alix puts in so much time and effort into her research and shares critical health-related information with her readers. It's simply good stuff!" - Scott Forsgren, The Better Health Guy

"Alix always has the most researched articles on important health topics you won't find in the mainstream media." Kim of SpiroChicks and Gratitude365

"Because Alix is great! The information on her blog is important, everyone should know about these issues." - Ashley of Lymenaide

"The MedNauseum blog is smart and informative.  If you love the EWG then you will love MedNauseum for its tireless committment to spreading knowlege on all things toxic in our products. Alix called the BPA liners in the Sigg bottles first!" - Jetsettica

"Alix is a forerunner, extremely intelligent, open minded and has great insight. She brings a lot of different backgrounds of knowledge to her blogs. Even with her history chronic illness, she has had enough success beating it to be able to be energetic and helpful to others going through the mysteries of illness. Alix has always done full proof research on the latest issues in illness and disease." - Maureen Block of the Ryder Foundation

"I think Alix not only posesses a talent for writing, making the reader want to return post after post - but she examines issues from the perspective of someone not afraid to ruffle feathers." - D.J.

"Alix is one of the most cutting-edge, information forward blogger I have ever read. Her information is well written, has a wit and is on a mission to really help us all." - M.D.

"Alix is one of the most educated bloggers out there. We are lucky to be the beneficiaries of all her research, knowledge, and education - passed on for free, with a sense of humor. She is brilliant, cutting edge and hilarious." - Eva

"Not only well written and concise but despite being passionate about her position she makes great effort to be as unbiased as humanly possible." - D.S.

"Alix is an amazing talent and person.  She has overcome huge obstacles in her own health crises and you might as well call her doctor from all the research she has done. She has made very smart choices and huge sacrifices in order to unravel the complexities of her own illness odyssey.  I whole-heartedly endorse her as favorite health blogger as she has offered expert advice with incredible warmth and sincerity to those who have sought her counsel." - K.S.

"This is one of the most informative, well written and organized blogs I have ever come across!! The topics are addressed intelligently, well-researched and summarized and analyzed  so that the information is easily accessible.  It is also kept current and covers the hot topics.  Bravo to this Blogger-- she sets the bar high for others-- where it needs to be since there is so much misinformation out there!!" - F.K.

"Trust me. Alix knows her stuff. Not only because she speaks from experience but healthcare and nutrition is clearly her passion. She is never biased or negative. Always honest, positive and reassuring." - S.J.

"Always on the cutting edge of issues and would appear 99.9% of the time to see the wood from the trees! Her analysis and commentary is excellent." - JediRuss

"She is a phenomenal researcher... when she posts something she has really learned about her topic, sought out reputable and credible sources for her information, shares personal thoughts and experiences to provide context for readers." - NW

"Documented information to help decipher the mainstream health recommendations. We all know the standard advice -- here is information counter-balancing it." - PTA Lady

"She was one of the first people who wrote about my health concern and what she was doing about it.  It was a real person sharing her knowledge gleaned through exhaustive research.  She keeps her information current and fresh." - Lovely Leo

Thanks for indulging me by reading these comments! You've more than refreshed my enthusiasm to keep writing up my research for you!

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