The Path to the Pharmacy is Paved with....Candy!

This is a real CVS store in California. Pharmacies know how to generate business - just put the stuff that causes illness in the aisle that leads to the pharmacy counter.

  • In excess, causes weight gain
  • Causes diabetes
  • Causes most pancreatic cancer
  • Is fermented by cancer cells to make energy
  • Is injected in the form of radioactive glucose to highlight tumors for PET scans
  • Creates inflammation, which leads to heart disease
  • Lowers immunity to infections
  • Feeds yeast
Wouldn't you rather pay the grocer for healthy food today, rather than the doctor and pharmacy later? Ben Franklin had it right. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

Before eating, ask yourself if what you are about to eat is the most nutrient-dense food available to you at that moment. If it's made from white sugar, white flour, or white rice, it is the least nutritious food, increasing the chance that you'll soon see the doctor and be walking down the aisle pictured above.


Rayme Waters said...

OMG. That is such an amazing juxtaposition. People will be blown away in a century to see this much like we now are blown away by the fact that "Coca" cola was once made with cocaine. Talk about a secret ingredient!

Alix said...

Ha, that is right. The historical perspective will be shameful.