Charlotte Gerson on Cancer: The Cause is Not a Lack of Chemo

Charlotte Gerson opened her talk at the Natural News Healing Miracles event with the following: "In order to cure, we have to understand what causes disease, and it is not a lack of chemo in your body."

I knew I was going to love the 88 years-young Gerson, whose life work is to carry on the natural approach to curing cancer developed in the 1930s by her father Max. The Gerson Institute has a remarkable success rate with terminal cancer patients: 30- 40% are cured. Rates are much higher with patients who have never had chemo or radiation.

Peppy and unequivocal, Gerson said "if you have a certain gene, doctors love this because it must be your fault." She punctuated her point with an emphatic, "NOT TRUE!" a theme that would carry throughout her presentation.

She dissected genetic theories with an example from the bee kingdom to illustrate epigenetics, the concept that food can change our genetic structure. She noted that a queen bee will lay thousands of eggs, and though 99% of those eggs will develop into sexless worker bees, 5 - 6 are selectively fed with extra royal jelly and will develop into new queens. "They have the same genes, so how is that possible? Bees know that food changes the genetic structure. It's been proven in nature for thousands of years," Gerson said.

Taking an example from lab animals, she said new research shows that rats and mice programmed with cancer genes don't get cancer when fed a diet of greens. "Cancer is not necessary if you nourish your body," she concluded.

Moving to humans, she used herself as an example. Eight-eight. She is cancer-free, even though its likely she has cancer genes due to her grandmother's and sister's bouts with breast cancer. (Her sister used the Gerson therapy and survived thirty-six more years to the age of 86.)

Gerson has always followed the Gerson Institute's healthy diet of fresh juices and organic vegan food. "I've never had a mammogram or PAP smear," said Gerson, "Am I worried about cancer? Obviously not."

Her father testified in Congress about the success of the Gerson Therapy which addresses the two main problems in cancer: deficiency (vitamin and immune) and toxicity. The testimony was removed from the Congressional Record. "What does it take to do that?" Gerson asked, "Big Pharma. They've got the money."

The Gerson Institute is now seeing success in patients with with genetic diseases like retinitis pigmentosa and cystic fibrosis. A legally blind woman came to the clinic. She had only 4% of her vision. Within a few months the woman had regained 30% of her vision and could read a book for the first time in years. An Australian girl with cystic fibrosis (CF) came to the clinic at age 12, and after 3 weeks her lungs were clear for the first time. Though the average lifespan of CF patients is 20 - 22 years, she is now 31, married and has a child.

Gerson firmly believes in a vegetarian diet. "We have the long digestive tracts of vegetarian animals. When we eat meat the first thing that happens is our acid-alkaline balance changes. Our blood balance has to be 7.37 pH." She said acidic blood cannot properly carry oxygen. Pancreatin is used up on animal proteins, then there is nothing left to protect us. "We are brainwashed to think animals are the only source of protein."

A note of caution on protein however: "Do not eat soy in any form or shape," she said. Milk: "No weaned animal drinks milk. It's just that we are smarter and we suffer for it." [Editor's note: I was cracking up at this point! This is a funny woman!]

Gerson concluded with yet another zinger for the medical establishment, "I feel doctors are the most dangerous people in our community with their drugs, and dentists are the second with their mercury and fluoride."

After her rousing talk, Gerson talked with event attendees and demonstrated how - at 88 years old - she could still touch her toes. I watched her bend down, athletically bounce a few times with straight legs and lay her hands on her feet. There were no signs of age: no arthritis, no dizziness, no slowness. She popped back up, beaming and defiant, and placed her hands on her hips. "See?" she seemed to say.

Charlotte Gerson's book on Gerson Therapy is available through the Gerson Institute. You can buy Max Gerson's orginal book here:

Other incredible talks from the Healing Miracles event came from extraordinary health professionals: Dr. Len Horowitz, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Jay "The Juice Daddy" Kordich (can he be my juicy grandpa, please?), Dr. James Chappel, and Dr. Carolyn Dean. Finally, I want to put a shout out to Jonathan and Helaine Landsman who organized the event, all without a hitch - they hit it out of the park.


psychiclunch said...

I am so glad to have met Charlotte, to have her in this world, and especially to know what a bold and brave woman she is, to speak the truth in the face of dominating modern medicine.

If only more people could hear her speak!

Anonymous said...

Great post on Gerson's talk! She is an amazing lady.

Alix said...

Psychic Lunch, I"m so happy she is here, too. they are doing such good work and was so pleased to hear that her son Howard is one of the people helping expand Gerson Clinics internationally.

Steve said...

Alix--Thanks for this great post. You mention "epigenetics," which makes me think of a book by Bruce Lipton called "The Biology of Belief." So here is my question: In her talk, did Charlotte Gerson mention the importance of psychology/mindset/belief in establishing a foundation for health, or for disease? Thanks again!

Alix said...

Hi Steve, Charlotte did not mention the psychology of belief, but I think that is implied for anyone brave enough to buck the system and go to the Gerson Clinic for cancer treatment. Mike Adams happened to have delivered a great talk right before Charlotte's on just this issue -see the post right before this one. thanks for reading and commenting!

James said...

Hi Alix, Quick question is the diet you refer to from the Gerson program? My story is very similar to yours and I have also achieved a significant reduction in symptoms through diet modifications.
So much so I would like to share notes with others whom have Lyme's and follow the work of Dr.Gerson. I'll check back on this blog to see if you post an answer. James in San Diego

Stephen said...

I missed the opportunity to hear Charlotte speak (haven't registered). Looking back, I really would like the opportunity to hear her comments, particularly on diabetes, as my only living immediate family member is now suffering from Type II diabetes (and has blurred vision which the doctors have still been unable to diagnose with a definitive cause). Is there a link I can go to in order to at least hear an archive of the interview?

Thank you,
Steve Weber

Ronda said...

I recently spent 10 days at the Gerson clinic in Mexico with my friend who is healing stage four breast cancer.
I had the opportunity to meet with Charlotte many times and I am completely impressed with her passion, belief and compassion.
I am thrilled to know there is an answer our there for all types of degenerative disease.
The Gerson books are fantastic, as well as the movies, The Gerson Miracle, Food Matters, and Dying to Know.
You can also watch many of her videos on YouTube.