Cell Phone Studies Seriously Flawed; Heavy Chatting Causes Brain Cancer

InterPhone, a large World Health Organization cell phone study, concludes that using a cell phone for 30 minutes a day for ten years increases the risk of brain cancer by 40%.

However, if the data were re-analyzed to correct serious flaws, the risk is actually much higher. More hours of cell phone use, more years of use, and the younger the age of first use are all correlated with increased risks of brain cancer.

Serious flaws in published cell phone-brain cancer studies include:
  • Not including people who have died of brain cancer, thus reducing the actual number of reported users with brain cancer
  • Not counting home cordless phone use toward total radiation exposure, thus under-reporting the "control" group's baseline exposure
  • Not reporting acoustic neuroma brain cancers in the studies' results, the cancer that occurs nearest the ear
These and other flaws should lead to the study's dismissal instead of reverence of its results. The flaws are so egregious that the manipulated results actually show a confounding "protective" effect for brain cancer at certain levels of use!

Protect yourself from cell phone radiation and home cordless phone radiation by using a wired headset, as recommended by the President's Cancer Panel in their recent ground-breaking report.

I personally prefer the wired blue tube headset available from Dr. Mercola's website. Some argue that a wired headset acts as an antenna, concentrating the signal at your ear. Mercola's headset ends with an air tube, which prevents the radiation from traveling up to your ear.

Please watch the video below for more detail. 

Interphone Study Design Flaws from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

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