Alix Interviews Longevity Guru David "Avocado" Wolfe

Last month I was a virgin. A David Wolfe Longevity Now Conference virgin, that is. I'd noticed Wolfe's energy and conviction in the film Food Matters, knew some of his work, and knew we both loved avocados, but I have to say I really didn't "get" it yet.

That changed as I sat with 999 other health enthusiasts in a California hotel ballroom, taking in the barefoot health guru as he jutted across the stage sharing diamonds - health insights obviously gleaned from hours (possibly eons) of research. His commanding and fun stage presence could keep a narcoleptic awake. Even if Wolfe's engaging style weren't enough, alertness paid off:  flying superherbs or superfoods could bonk you in the head at any time.

Wolfe is all about the extraordinary: superfoods, superherbs, and reversing the diseases medical doctors consider irreversible. He's not interested in being politically correct or adhering to any standard of care. FDA be damned: The Longevity Now Conference walked the cutting edge of health, healing, and longevity. I walked away with the urge to investigate at least ten new healthy practices or products that I'd never heard of before.

If you couldn't make it, I sat down with David Wolfe and asked him to give us the take-aways. Of course, the interview is as fun as he is, and it has a "happy ending" as our camerawoman steps forward with an admission:

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In addition to David Wolfe, I got to meet many of my health heroes and gathered some new ones you should know about, including: Daniel Vitalis, Dr. Steven Sinatra, Dr. Mercola, Nick Ortner, Truth Calkins, and George LaMoureux. Even the attendees and vendors were impressive. Here are just a couple:  My Wellness Navigator - health coaching and water bottles.

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