Daniel Vitalis on Over-Domestication: Broccoli, Chihuahas & Aliens, Oh My!

I expected David Wolfe's Longevity Now Conference to deliver some tips for how to live better and longer. I attended the conference not as a video journalist, but as a guest wanting to bliss out with my foodie/nutrition brethren. Well, I'd packed my video camera... just in case I got inspired.

That inspiration came when wild food guru Daniel Vitalis stepped on stage to talk about Indigenous Nutrition. My ears pricked up right away. At a decidedly raw foods event, the neatly pony-tailed Vitalis started his presentation with a reference to Weston A. Price, the 1930s dentist who set off around the world to study the teeth and health of isolated indigenous peoples. Price's work points strongly to the need for animal foods in the diet. If an animal foods guy could be invited to give a talk to 1,000 raw foodies - none of whom appeared ready to throw rotten tomatoes at him - I wanted to hear it.

And, besides, Vitalis looked so interesting. The thirty-something visionary gathers 70% of his food from the wild, and appeared to wear a wetsuit top under his shirtsleeves. The solid blue tattoos on his arms are a practice to reflect the way he lives - as close to indigenous as a modern man can. "I didn't want anything representational," he told me later.

Surprising the audience with wry humor and a studied 360 degree view of evolution and our modern food system, Vitalis delivered such a game-changing presentation - as good as any TED talk I'd ever seen - that I went ran to my hotel room to fetch my video camera.

I won't summarize his presentation here. You just need to watch the interview. Vitalis visualizes how we are selecting the human race for evolution with unintended consequences. With humor, he explains what broccoli, Chihuahuas, and aliens have in common.  Email subscribers click here to view part 1 of the video.

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This is a three-part video. 

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Kevin said...

Hi Alix

Love your blog and your great story...

Daniel makes some great points in his interview. I like his views on evolving into our environment. I find it very difficult not to up sticks and move out of the city when I feel the environment is getting too much, especially when I live so close to beautiful countryside...I live in the center of London. I teach and practice Detox Cleanse as a way of levelling off the playing field, allowing me to stay in this great city.