Video: Brain Re-training Shown to Reverse ADHD in 12 Weeks

Dr. Robert Melillo, known for reversing brain disorders in children, opened his practitioner training workshop with the following: "Who wants to be learning disabled for an hour?" It was going to be an experiential day.

I observed his graduate-level seminar on healing children with learning disabilities. A dozen eager health practitioners approached a table scattered with Learning Disability Simulation Training packets - exercises designed by Dr. Robert Melillo to frustrate attendees in the same way learning disabled children are frustrated on a daily basis. It contained paragraphs with line-jumps and words that mixed up letters p, q, d, and b. One exercise instructed participants to copy the mirror image of a picture while wearing a gardening glove. Another illustrated the vast difference between vocabulary and reading comprehension.

After my short intro to Melillo's course, which mainly involves instruction in an extensive battery of neurological tests and treatments, I was able to interview him on camera.

Melillo, a chiropractic neurologist and clinician, is co-founder of the Brain Balance Achievement Centers, which currently operate in more than 50 locations. They are now expanding into Northern California while Melillo is quickly gaining a reputation for rapidly reversing the most challenging developmental disorders: autism, ADHD, Asperger's, dyslexia, PDD-NOS, and more.

The Centers operate like Sylvan Learning Centers but focus on specialized treatment in children with developmental delays. Unlike all other autism therapies, Melillo's approach focuses on specific regions of the brain that are less mature than other parts, creating a syndrome Melillo terms Functional Disconnection Syndrome. Melillo says that research to date has failed to show measurable damage in brain cells of children with developmental delays. This is key: if there is no damage, there is hope for recovery.

Practitioners at the Centers test for 1,100 brain weaknesses-- a comprehensive set of tests, to be sure. Treatment involves stimulating targeted brain areas with an individualized curriculum addressing motor, sensory, cognitive, and behavior deficits. A gluten-free diet is employed, among other diet modifications.

The most remarkable part of the Centers is not necessarily the success rates, which are quite high. A recently published study showed that 82% of randomly selected children with ADHD lost the diagnosis within 12 weeks and made unprecedented grade-level leaps in many subjects. The most remarkable part is how quickly the changes occur. Whereas biomedical treatments can go on for years, the Brain Balance Achievement Centers get measurable results within months, all without drugs.

I told Dr. Melillo that if all parents knew about the success of the Brain Balance Achievement Centers they would be overcrowded. I was not off-track. He replied that most have waiting lists.

Dr. Melillo's book Disconnected Kids is available at Amazon. More studies on other conditions are expected to be published this year.

Videographer: Ashley van Tol of


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