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I haven't written a new mednauseam article in a while, but I haven't stopped writing or thinking about health. I publish most of my recent articles on In other news, I became a distributor of essential oils this year and couldn't be happier about it. Maybe I can help you green your medicine cabinet.

I first became addicted to doTERRA essential oils when my friend gifted me a Family Physician Kit with 10 oils. These oils did what they were supposed to do - and then some. I used up almost all of them in less than a month. I was hooked. I finally realized that all the essential oils I'd used in the past had no guarantee of active ingredients. This was the real deal.

I use the oils regularly to:
A great place to see if an essential oil from doTERRA can help you is: If I don't know something, this is where I turn.

Let me help you get started. If you want to order through me, email me at -- mednauseam (at) gmail (dot) com -- and I can get you 25% off the retail prices and help you start earning points to get free product. After a year, you can earn an additional 30% of purchases back as points, making the oils a super-economical way to green your medicine cabinet.

I know you will find doTERRA oils as useful as I do, since they really do work... and they smell great. Email me at: mednauseam (at) gmail (dot) com and I can walk you through your first order in about 5 minutes. If you do it on your own, you will pay full retail.

One way to thank me for giving away - since 2005 - all the free health information is allow me the honor of being your doTERRA consultant. Once you're signed up, I'm happy to answer any question you have, forever!

If you are interested in a full health coaching session, whether or not we talk about essential oils, please contact me: mednauseam (at) gmail (dot) com

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