Alix Mayer Bio

I'm a product of two packaged goods families. I was raised in the Oscar Mayer family. My other ancestors partnered with the Wrigleys in the early 1900s, ultimately selling their profitable gum base business to William Wrigley. In short, Big Food has been part of my family lineage for at least five generations.

Things evolve...

In the late 1990s, while acting as co-manager of a worldwide research group at Apple, Inc, I became disabled by undiagnosed Lyme disease. In 1999, prior to getting a diagnosis, I discovered that the gluten-free diet made 80% of my symptoms vanish. At that point, I turned my research lens from corporate research to personal health, and launched Med Nauseam blog to stop bugging my friends and family with emails about natural health. I found that diet drove the most profound and healing changes in my health. As a compulsive researcher and data-pervert, I was driven to author hundreds of articles that explore how food is medicine. With my family heritage, I guess I was destined to be part of this century's food movement.

After making more dietary changes - once going raw vegan for 9 months - I've returned to eating a plant-heavy diet with clean animal products in condiment-sized portions. My diet today is closest to the Paleo diet, with a strong emphasis on raw vegetables and nuts. I try to make vegetable juice daily, always using cucumber. I'm also known as an avocado lover. And possibly due to my family heritage, I think anything tastes better with (cleanly raised) bacon. One of my hobbies is seeking out new dark chocolate candy. Bacon chocolate? Heck yeah.

I speak at schools, to employees at companies like Twitter, to Stanford Hospital residents, and to support groups. I've authored more than 500 health articles and my work appears in many publications and websites. Please visit me on LinkedIn for more information.

A compulsive researcher and data pervert, I earned my MBA at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern, and worked for almost a decade in research and strategy for Fortune 100 companies. I was a French major at Duke University. I'm a member of MENSA, the mention of which usually ends a good conversation. I can ride a unicycle, which tends to make people think I can juggle. I can't.

I don't hold a degree in nutrition. I am a health coach and health journalist. I've researched and written about diet and disease for almost 20 years, logging an estimated 15,000 hours.

A former athlete and hiker, I lived with undiagnosed Lyme disease for 18 years. In 2012, I completed three years of 100% natural Lyme treatment. I will have to re-treat from time to time, due to the length of time my illness went undiagnosed. You can follow my journey and get my take on various published research at