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Lauded as the "Al Gore of nutrition, only funnier," I deliver lively talks about maximizing nutrition. My talks have been called "a running 100 mph of great content" and "life-changing."

Find out: Does diet lead to disease? Can diet reverse disease? Is Alix some Nazi vegetarian? Does she eat soy? Will she bore me by telling me to eat more vegetables? 

Selected Topics
  • Vitamin Vampires: Where All the Nutrients Went and How to Get (Most) of them Back
  • Preventing Colds and The Flu
  • Is Gluten-Free Good for Me?
  • Is Sugar Bad for Me?
  • What is Youthing and How Can I Eat to Look Younger?
  • History of Nutrition: What Gaffes Did We Make Along the Way?
  • Eating for Lyme disease
  • How Can I Green My Medicine Cabinet?
  • Custom Topics
Consult with me to tailor a topic to your group.

Skype: alixmayer
Email: mednauseam (at) gmail (dot) com

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Minimum fee: $600. I have easy tools to split the cost between your organization and among attendees.

Selected Feedback

You were awesome! Everyone loved it. I'm eating healthier already.  - K.S., Twitter

I thought your talk was fabulous.  I appreciated the historical look at nutrition and the lead up to our modern day mess.  I thought your talk was well rounded in that it included data, research studies, personal experience and cutting edge theories.  I didn't think it was radical at all.  It was presented in a systematic manner that led up nicely to your main points.  I thought the 20 points at the end were very useful and gave people a sense of empowerment.   - Dr. T.P., Stanford Medical School 

Thank you for your info today :) you are a fantastic public speaker, because you are authentic + passionate, generous, humble, knowledgeable..... - Mod*Mom
Once again you've done a fabulous job educating all of us.  Thank you! You really do make an impact on many lives . . . my family for one is so much healthier because of your lessons to me over the years.  It's such important work you're doing. - C.G.

I really enjoyed your Vitamin Vampires presentation.  I thought it was fantastic, fascinating, and fabulous!  We are also huge Michael Pollen fans and have been trying hard to be aware of what we eat and where we get our food supply.  But I think it's an on going process and you helped bring my attention to a lot of issues, new and old. - N.F.

You are such a good influence and wealth of knowledge!  My 12 year old son blames everything on you!!!  "Is this ANOTHER idea from that nutritionist lady??!!!"  I explained that I wasn't trying to hurt him but help him. - M.T.